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The Crusaders and the Flu take on the Royals
1/20/18 - 09:22 PM


   By Harry Powell  

   Saturday night had the Christ the King Royals against the 
Stepinac Crusaders. The Crusaders are 3rd in the league standings. The Royals have been decimated by the flu and injuries so far this season. Tonight, they would be without their starting backcourt, Jeffrey Williamson and Isaiah Rodriguez. Tristen Marcano was also out with a bad back.  Another tall order for the Royals but opportunities for some players.   
      The Crusaders immediately started a 1-2-2 press to start the first quarter. It created complete chaos for the Royals. Stepinac jumped out to a quick 9-0 lead when CK called a timeout to regroup. The Royals' troubles continued thru the first quarter. Having a hard time getting over the half court line makes it difficult

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1/17/18 - 07:34 PM


       BY Harry Powell
Tuesday night found the Christ the King Royals playing the Molloy Lions. The game was played in Blairwood, Queens. In the gym that Jack Curran made famous. BeyoncĂ© was blasting in the gym with "Who run the world". That was a good question because Christ the King came in limping, with injuries and flu. Like the back of a milk carton, missing were Isaiah Rodriguez, David Lopez, Kelvin Reyes, Fabian Bryan, and Tristen Marcano. Five important pieces for coach Henry but Molloy had no sympathy, nor should they. This is an important league game, all hands-on deck. Tip off was at 7:15, and coach Henry with his limited bench inserted Devonte Green and Michael Dolphin this time into the starting lineup. 
        Again, Christ the

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1/13/18 - 11:10 PM


       By Harry Powell
            Saturday's match up for Christ the King was The Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School. The Royals would have their hands full against the BCAM Lions. They have a 
high-powered offense, and have scored 100 points in a game twice. Their Coach Lawanda Greene has led her team to 12-2 record. Coach Henry would be without two starters, and few key role players in this game. It's been an uneven year for Coach Henry, he hasn't had a healthy squad all year. But what's been said before is this is an opportunity for players on the bench to earn minutes.  
         This non-league game started at 6:30. Coach Henry inserted Justo Cruz and Lorenzo Franklin into the starting lineup tonight. Christ the King won the tip

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1/11/18 - 11:54 PM



           Christ the King had its back to the wall for tonight contest. The opponent was the Holy Cross Knights. They beat the Royals in December, 52-38. Coach Henry could not stress more to his team how important these games are becoming. The question the coaches had was does this team have the hunger? The Royals couldn't afford to fall too far behind, and players were coming back. Tristen Marcano and Jeffrey Williamson now had a game under their belt. But Moses Roman is now shelved with 
an injury. This was a moment of truth. 
       The Referees got the game started. The Royals finally won the tip off and got the game started with a 2-0 lead. Again, the Royals got off to a slow start. Coach Henry was worried that this would be a repeat of

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A Bronx Fail
1/10/18 - 10:05 PM

by Harry Powell

          Tuesday night had the Royals against the Ravens of St. Raymond's High School. The game was held at 
St. Raymond's gym located in the Bronx. Christ the King came into the game losing two straight league games. But the Royals were welcoming two players back, Jeffrey Williamson and Tristen Marcano. Coach Henry was hoping the return of both players would help jump start the Royals. The referees tossed the ball in the air to start the game at 7:30.  
        The Ravens got off to a quick start. Both Williamson and Marcano showed their rust with not playing in a long time. That's to be expected. David Lopez and Isaiah Rodriguez each chipped in a three pointer. But the rest of the Royals offense was nonexistentSt. Raymond's

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The Gael Winds Blew The Royals over
12/28/17 - 08:34 PM

Kelvin Reyes leading the charge

    By Harry Powell   

      Today the Royals had 
an afternoon matchup with the Iona Prep Gaels. The game was held in Tully's gym on the beautiful campus of Iona Prep. Christ the King would again be without Jeffrey Williamson and Tristen Marcano. But these are the opportunities for players to show the coaching staff what they can do. Christ the King was coming off their lackluster performance at Holy Cross. Tip-off was at noon. 
        The first quarter was sluggish, again. The Royals scored the first points of the game but not until a 1:38 into the game. Christ the King brought energy to start the game, but they couldn't get the ball to fall through the net. The basket seemed liked one of those you see at a street fair, where you shoot for prizes.

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A Cross to Bear
12/22/17 - 04:35 PM

Wednesday night featured the Christ the King Royals against league rivals Holy Cross Knights. The game was played in Flushing Queens, where Holy Cross is located. The gym was filled with Christmas songs as the teams warmed up. The Royals were coming off a Sunday morning victory against Xavierian High School. But every league game is a battle, and though Christmas songs filled the gym Holy Cross was not in a Christmas cheer mood. The Royals would be without two starters, Jeffrey Williamson, and Tristen Marcano. The bench would need to step up. 
       At 6:30 the refs tossed the ball in the air for tip-off. Again, Christ the King got off to a sluggish start. The Royals didn't have the three- point touch like they did in Bay Ridge. The Knights played

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A Battle in Bay Ridge
12/18/17 - 06:58 PM

         Sunday morning Christ the King played the Xavierian's Clippers for a brunch time special. Coach Henry knew he would be without two important pieces in today's game, Tristen Marcano and Devonte Green. Coach Henry knew someone else had to step up. The question was who would see this as an opportunity. There was no sympathy from the Xavierian's Clippers. Tip-off was at 10am, coffee and Reb Bulls were recommended. 
        The first quarter started slowly, both teams seemed to still be in their onesies, and PJs. But David Lopez showed up wide awake. Mr. Lopez was 'en fuego' , hitting on three 1st quarter 3's. Whatever David Lopez had for breakfast he should repeat on the next gameday. He helped the Royals take a 15-9 !st quarter

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Gaining Momentum
12/13/17 - 06:08 AM

               Christ the King played Nazareth Monday night, after coming off their heartbreaking loss to St. Raymond's on Sunday. The Nazareth Kingsmen had lost to St. Raymond's the week before, but they were definitely going to be a handful for the Royals with their size and athleticism. It was the Royals' second league game, and coach Henry couldn't had been more adamant during the week in practice about the importance of getting off to a good start. Tip off was at 7:45 at CK's home court.

             The first quarter started slowly. Nazareth was hurt when their starting center got into early foul trouble. Tristen Marcano took advantage of that, by grabbing 6 first quarters rebounds. Mercano was like Truck Robinson back in the day. Tristan established

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The Dawn of a New Season
12/3/17 - 08:09 AM

     Tonight, was the dawn of the 2017 - 18 Christ The King Varsity B season. With the additions of many juniors from last year's JV City Champions, you can understand why coach Henry is excited about this year's roster. The opponent was Grover Cleveland HS, and last year's results weren't good. Grover Cleveland beat the Royals in a double - digit route. So tonight, would be a good test for this new squad. 68 - 02 Metropolitan avenue was the location.

       The first quarter, the Royals started in a sluggish way. It was the dawn of the season, so maybe the players were still waking up. The Royals were without starting center Adonis Evangelista at tip off, due to academic commitments. Grover Cleveland broke out to a 14 - 8 first quarter lead,

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