2/6/18 - 11:31 PM


            Tonight, was Senior Night at Christ the King, and the regular season finale. It's been a up and down season. Lots of flu, and lots of injuries. But tonight, is more about celebrating students who have passed thru the halls of Christ the King for the past 4 years. It's been an honor to have had a chance to get know these students. The Royals did have a non-league game tonight against Grand St. Campus. CK sat Jeffrey Williamson, Isaiah Rodriguez and Adonis Evangelista.  
        Adonis Evangelista was honored at half time on Senior Night. Mr. Evangelista has a bright future. He's been a starter on the Varsity B the last two years. Fabian Bryan, he's been on the squad the last two years. Mr. Bryan is a class act. Kelvin Reyes has played the last two years too. Mr. Reyes is a Gentleman. Tristan Marcano has been injured all year, but the Royals look like they'll get him back for the playoffs. That's huge. He's a strong silent type. Sherod Smith, always practices hard. He's the gentle giant. David Lopez has been a part of CK basketball for about 3 years. It's been a pleasure to have known him. Michael Dolphin. Two years on the Varsity B. I look forward to see what Mr. Dolphin does in the future. Then there are players you meet that you just admire. His name, Colby Naranjo. Mr. Naranjo scored his first points tonight, and his fellow students and teammates went crazy. Why? Because Colby Naranjo is a great guy, who's future is so bright you need sunglasses.  
      All these students represent what Christ the King is all about. They'll always be a part of the CK family. This squad has endured a lot this season. But the playoffs start this Thursday against Holy Cross. It's a whole new season starting Thursday. An exciting script can be written, with an exciting finish. Yes, there was a game played tonight. Grand St won 55-42. But tonight, was about the seniors. Thursday is when it matters. I don't think these seniors are ready to stop playing 


2/5/18 - 06:22 AM


        It was Super Bowl Sunday at Christ the King, and Bishop Loughlin was the all-day opponent. First on the schedule had the Christ the King Varsity B playing at 9:30am. This is a tough turn around for the Royals. They played an emotional overtime game the night before. Some players played the whole game. Plus, still no Adonis Evangelista. 
        Bishop Loughlin started the scoring with a put back. This would be a common theme of the day. Justo Cruz got CK on the board with a nice drive to the hoop. Mike Dolphin hit a bucket in the lane. Followed by a steal by Jeffrey Williamson and a full court drive, CK led 6-2. The Lions came back to tie the score 6-6. Mike Dolphin hit another basket to give the Royals a short lead, 8-6. He Lions came back to take a 10-8 1st quarter lead. 
       CK had the ball to start the 2nd quarter, and Moses Roman got things started with a shot from the lane. Fabian Bryan was inserted and he helped with the rebounding. He seems to have a nose for the ball. The Royals were looking solid but you wondered when fatigue would become a factor. The Lions took an 18-17 late in the 2nd quarter and went on a 4-0 run to end the half. 22-17 Lions. 
      When the 2nd half started, the Lions continued their run. The Lions scored the first 8 points of the half. They led 30-17. Jeffrey Williamson stop the run with a bucket. Moses Roman followed with a three-pointer. The Royals found themselves in a hole, down 34-22.  
The 4th started and it just seemed like the Royals had nothing in the tank. At one point the Lions took an 11-point lead late into the 4th. Jeffrey Williamson seem to try and will the Royals to victory scoring 9 points in the quarter. The Royals had the ball a couple of times down by 7 but just couldn't hit a big basket. The Royals went on to a 44-33 loss to the Lions.  
      It’s the final game on Tuesday against Grand St. It's also Senior Night, night to honor players that have played in the school system, some for 4 years. The playoffs start next week, so it's do or die now. 


2/3/18 - 10:52 PM


            Tonight, the Royals traveled to Nazareth High School to play the Kingsmen on their Senior Night. Adonis Evangelista would be out with a groin injury. CK would need help from Fabian Bryan and Devonte Green to pick up the slack. The Royals would have their hands full. 
     The Kingsmen won the tip. You could feel Nazareth's energy was on full throttle. It was Senior Night, so they wanted to put on a show for their parents. The Kingsmen came out firing. They hit on 4 three-pointers and were playing hounding defense. The Royals though were up for the challenge. Jeffrey Williamson hit on a three-pointer and had 5 points in the quarter. Dave Lopez was active, he had a three-pointer and 7 points in the quarter. The Royals were 21-16 after 1. 
        The Royals had the ball to start the 2nd Quarter. Jeffrey Williamson got things started with a 3. He also had one of his patented rebounds then he takes the ball coast to coast for a layup. I feel like I've seen that many times this year.  Jeffrey "Jet Blue" Williamson had 8 points in the quarter. Kelvin Reyes started to percolate. He hit on a 3 and had 5 points in the quarter. It was a battle. The Kingsman were up at the half 34-29 
         The second half started. The Kingsmen went on a 5-0 run. The Royals found themselves down by 10, 45-35. It was Nazareth that called timeout though with 3:08 in the third. Mike Dolphin hit a 3, that helped propel the Royals on a 10-4 run. Every time Jeffrey Williamson touched the ball, you started to hear moans from the crowd. They expected him to score. He finished the quarter with a put back at the buzzer. Kingsmen up 49-45. 
     The Royals' ball to start the final quarter. Mike Dolphin hits a three-pointer, to bring the Royals within a point of the Kingsmen. Isaiah Rodriguez hit 1 of 2 from the foul line to tie the score at the 4:10 mark. Jeffrey Williamson hit two foul shots to keep it even at 53. Isaiah Rodriguez hit two foul shots to keep it tied at 55. The Royals were on target with their free throws in the final quarter. Which was impressive, it was a hostile crowd. Lots of yelling with every attempt. Nazareth took a 3 point -lead 58-55, but Kelvin Reyes calmly hit two free throws to bring the Royals within one. The Royals were showing such composure. Mike Dolphin was fouled and with ice water running through his veins, he hit both foul shots. CK up 59-58 with 19.1 seconds left. Nazareth had the ball and got fouled. They hit one of two with 7.7 seconds left. Tie score, the Royals bring the ball up for a dramatic finish. Jeffrey Williamson brings the ball up the sideline. The ball is knocked out from behind, we have overtime.  
           In overtime, Kelvin Reyes got things started with two free throws. Nazareth had a put back. The score is tied 61-61 Mike Dolphin with another pretty baseline drive, 63-61. The Kingsmen answered with a 3-pointer. They regained the lead. The Royals missed on the next two free throws, fatigue was becoming a factor. This was being shown on the defensive end too. The Kingsmen started getting 2nd and 3rd chances. The Kingsmen pulled away with a 70-66 victory. 
    The Royals fought hard, but tonight had no miracle ending. Christ the King is right back at it tomorrow morning against Loughlin. Jeffrey Williamson had 20. Kelvin Reyes had 14. Isaiah Rodriguez and Michael Dolphin finished with 11 and 10. I think It's going to be a Super Sunday tomorrow.  


1/30/18 - 05:03 PM


         By Harry Powell    

 the Christ the King Royals traveled to White Plains to take on the Stepinac Crusaders. It was Senior Night at Stepinac. They honored their Seniors in the same way Christ the King does, so the crowd was excited. The Crusaders had a bounce in their step during warmups. The Royals came limping in,..again. Been the story of the year for the Royals. Tonight, no Michael Dolphin or Dave Lopez (startersMoses Roman or Isaiah Rodriguez (two valuable bench players if not starters themselves). But luckily Jeffrey Williamson returns to the lineup. A lot would be asked of players like Justo Cruz, Fabian Bryan, Devonte Green and Lorenzo Franklin. Coach Henry has barely had a whole team this year.  
          Stepinac won the tip off to start the game. The Crusaders started the game on fire. They knocked down two 3 pointers, and that helped give them an early 10-0 lead. Coach Henry called timeout 5:54 into the game, the Royals seemed doomed. Coach Henry must have hit a switch, the Royals went on a 7-0 run. Fabian Bryan got things started with a put back on the offensive boards. Justo Cruz had 3 points and Jeffrey Williamson had a bucket. Both teams started to heat up offensively. Devonte Green hit a three pointer from the corner. The Royals were like a prize fighter taking a left hook to the chin, but instead of going down to the canvas. The Royals just shook it off with a smile, Stepinac seemed surprised. The Crusaders led after 1, 20-17.  
          As the second quarter started, you could feel the uneasiness in the air at Stepinac. The Royals weren't laying down. Adonis Evangelista started things off with a put back. CK got into a groove and went on an 8-run. Somehow the Royals had taken a 25-21. Kelvin Reyes found his stroke, and connected on two straight threes. The Royals weren't just clicking offensively. Players like Fabian Bryan played great defense, and was a force on the boards. Lorenzo Franklin came in and gave the Royals quality minutes. Devonte Green was a load in the paint as well. Jeffrey Williamson finished the quarter with a three at the buzzer. This gave the Royals a 35-26 halftime lead. 
       The Crusaders started the scoring in the second half with a bucket. The Royals had a short rotation tonight, so you worried about fatigue. Adonis Evangelista started the scoring for CK with a put back and had 6 points in the quarter. Kelvin Reyes knocked down another three-pointer. But the Royals were tiring. Stepinac was not going to be denied on this night either.  The Crusaders were chipping away at the Royals lead. The 3rd quarter ended with CK leading 46-39. 
    In the 4th quarter, you could tell the players were on fumes. Stepinac kept slowing chipping away at the Royals lead. Stepinac started getting 2nd and 3rd chances on the offensive end. The Royals started making sloppy passes, and misfiring on shots. But one thing that didn't stop was the heart of the players. Justo Cruz fought for every loose ball and rebound. Fabian Bryan left everything he had on the court. Kelvin Reyes was on fumes but fought through. It wasn't looking good for the Royals when Stepinac grabbed a 50-49 lead with 1:19. Jeffrey Williamson made a trademark drive and was fouled. Even with his fatigued, he hit one of two to tie the score 50-50. Stepinac had the ball with a 1:02 and the script looked written for them on this special night. Of course, they will win this game on a last second shot. Stepinac shoots and misfires, ball goes out of bounds. Stepinac ball with 31.9 seconds. Stepinac shoots again, and misses. Stepinac gets the offensive rebound. They hold for the last shot. Stepinac is setting up their heroic ending. Down to 8 seconds, 5 seconds. Ball goes to the top of the foul line, and Justo Cruz knocks the ball loose. Adonis Evangelista picks it up with 2.8 seconds and flings it towards a streaking Justo Cruz. It's Justo against an Stepinac defender, and the clock. Justo was like a streaking Cheetah. 1.8 seconds, Justo drives to the hoop, and lays the ball thru the nets as the buzzer sounded. The gym was silent except for Justo's teammates mobbing him under the hoop. Christ the King wins! 52-50.  
          As the team ran off the court, you could feel the bond of this team. All that they have gone thru with injuries and flu. It was like they got over that hurdle. In the locker room they gathered as a team, and celebrated. They chanted " 1-2-3-4 WE DON'T WANT TO LOSE NO MORE" Coach Henry as well as all the coaches were proud of this squad's effort tonight. Wednesday night is the next game. It felt like they became a team tonight.  


1/28/18 - 10:00 PM


   By Harry Powell        

 was a rare road game at Christ the King. Bishop Loughlin had damage to their gym so the Royals were the visitors at their own home gym. Unfortunately, CK would be without two players again, Jeffrey Williamson and Moses Roman. Bishop Loughlin were without their leading scorer too. The Royals were coming off a much-needed victory on Friday, and were hoping to keep the positive momentum 
            Christ the King won the tip off but quickly turned the ball over. The Lions jumped out to a 9-0 lead, which forced coach Henry to call a timeout. Adonis Evangelista started the scoring for the Royals with a bucket and a foul. Coach Henry had his team press the Lions, it seemed to slow them down a bit. Isaiah Rodriguez and Michael Dolphin both hit on a couple of threes. CK seemed to have righted the ship, The Lions led after the 1st quarter, 12-9. 
            Christ the King inbounded the ball to start the 2nd quarter. Kelvin Reyes banged a three-pointer to tie the score 12-12. The Lions answered with a 6-0 run, regaining a 18-12 lead. Fabian Bryan and Adonis Evangelista both went 1 for 2 from the line, and Dave Lopez hit a jumper. Michael Dolphin had a quick 5 points, the last 2 gave the Royals its first lead 21-20 with a 1:15 left in the half.  Loughlin hit a three-pointer with 6.8 left in the half. The Lions led the Royals at the half 23-21. CK had to feel lucky to be only down by two. 
                  Loughlin had the ball to start the 2nd half. But Mike Dolphin connected on a three-pointer to start the scoring and give the Royals a 24-23 lead. Things are looking good. But Bishop Loughlin went on a 7-0 run. Thanks to sloppy passing and missed shots. Loughlin took control of the game, continuing its run through the quarter. The Lions finished the quarter on a 17-7 run. It was softened because Dave Lopez hit a three. Bishop Loughlin had a 40-31 lead on their "home court". 
       When the 4th quarter starts, its usually when Adonis Evangelista starts going. He started the quarter with three buckets. CK went on a 6-1 run and cut the lead to 42-37. The Royals called timeout. After a Loughlin miss, Isaiah Rodriguez went coast to coast on a nice drive. The Royals are down two, 41-39. The Lions though went on another run. An 8-0 run that pretty much sealed the game. Coach Henry called a timeout with a 1:50 left in the game, down 49-39. The Royals tried to make a comeback. Kelvin Reyes hit a couple of free throws. Dave Lopez hit a three-pointer, but the deficit was too big. The Lions went on to a 55-47 "home" victory. 
        The Royals are back at it Monday night against Stepinac. The Royals will be the road team. Every game is getting critical now. CK still has time to turn it around but time is running out. 


1/26/18 - 11:10 PM


   By Harry Powell      
                   Iona Prep came to the Rev. 
John H. Savage Memorial Gymnasium at Christ the King high school Friday night. The Royals lost the previous matchup against the Gaels 56-53. Coach Henry was hoping injured players having a game under their belt would help jump start the struggling offense. The season is winding down, so the Royals need to get ready for the playoffs. 
         The 1st quarter started and Iona Prep got out to a 2-0 lead. Coach Henry immediately called timeout. He saw the same mistakes being made, and wanted to set a tone. Iona Prep started fast, thanks largely to hitting three 3 pointers. Christ the King started pressing early and seemed to knock the Gaels out of their offensive rhythm. Iona Prep has a 13-8 1st quarter lead. 
          The Royals offense started to find itself in the 2nd quarter. Michael Dolphin had 5 points in the quarter including a 3 pointer. Isaiah Rodriguez also hit on a three and had 5 points in the quarter. The Royals fought back to tie the score 20-20 on a Jeffrey Williamson drive that nearly broke the ankles of the Gaels defender. Iona Prep went on 6-1 spurt though. But Michael Dolphin nailed a 3 pointer with 2.2 seconds left in the half. The Royals were only down 26-24 at the half.  
       The second half started with 2 Iona Prep free throws. But Jeffrey Williamson continued his consistent play. He had 7 points in the quarter. Michael Dolphin was all over the boards and finding his range. He had 9 points in the quarter. It became a seesaw battle. Coach Henry started rotating players quickly, trying find the right combination. Devonte Green came in to help with rebounding. Fabian Bryan with his defense and shot blocking. Adonis Evangelista started to come alive with defense and rebounding. The Royals ended the 3rd quarter with a 40-38 lead. 
      When the 4th quarter started, the Royals knew they just needed a victory. The seesaw battle continued. Adonis Evangelista started to get it going in the paint. He scored 7 points in the quarter. Michael Dolphin stayed hot with 4 points in quarter, Jeffrey Williamson scored a big 3 pointer. Down the stretch the Royals grabbed a 54-51 lead with a 1:03 left. With 51 seconds left, Iona Prep scored to make it 54-53. Timeout Iona Prep. CK brought the ball up, and missed on a three-point attempt. Iona Prep had the ball, and most people knew that their player who had hit on 4 three-pointers was the main option. Coach Henry inserted Justo Cruz who hounded the player. Justo Cruz's played defense with such heart and a desperate reverse layup attempt by Iona Prep came up short. Michael Dolphin came up with the rebound. He was quickly fouled. Dolphin missed on his two free throws. Iona Prep had one last chance with 4.8 seconds left. The Gaels drove to the hoop but the ball went off their leg. Game Over and a sigh of relief.  
       Tonight, was a much-needed victory. Loughlin is next on the calendar on SundayMichael Dolphin led all scorers with 20 and Jeffery Williamson had 19. Sometimes it's just a victory that cures all. Hopefully the Royals can get a little momentum.  


1/25/18 - 07:42 PM



            Wednesday night brought the Molloy Lions to Christ the King High School. It's been a tough stretch for the Royals. Injuries and the flu have ravaged this team. The good news is players are returning, Jeffrey Williamson, Isaiah Rodriguez and Moses Roman were back in uniform. Coach Henry should have had a pregame mixer, and players could have reintroduced themselves to each other. Been a while since this team has been whole. Tonight, the signs of rust were sure to be there. Molloy was looking to sweep the 2 games regular season matchups.  
            Right from tip off you could see the rust. Not only from injuries, but the gym was closed due to Regents that last two days. Molloy didn't seem to be dealing with the same issue, they came out with fire. The Lions got off to a 9-0 lead. At the 4:42 mark, coached Henry had seen enough, timeout. Finally, Williamson hit one of two free throws to put the Royals on the board. But Molloy continued with pressure, and lengthen their lead to 12-1. The first quarter ended with Molloy up 20-7. 
         The Royals woke up a bit in the 2nd Quarter. Mike Dolphin started it with an offensive rebound and a put back. Kelvin Reyes, healthy after Sunday's cramp, added 6 points in the quarter. Dolphin also added a three. Reyes and Dolphin had 11 of CKs 12 points in the quarter. Molloy started struggling offensively against the Royals tighten defense. Somehow the Royals were only down 27-19. 
     In the Second half the Royals started with a turnover. CK's offense was like watching two awkward dance partners. It wasn't like watching Fred and Ginger. It was more like watching Elaine from Seinfeld dancing at her office party. Out of sync, very rusty. The blessing was Molloy was "dancing" like Taylor Swift (a notorious bad dancer.) Molloy only scored 4 points in the quarter. Maybe Regents were the cause of all of this. I'm sure both teams haven't practiced. Michael Dolphin continued his fine play with 4 more points in the quarter. Jeffrey Williamson was slowly getting into the rhythm of the game with 3 points. Molloy 31-26 lead. Very winnable game.  
         The final quarter began. The game didn't improve for both teams. Turnovers, and missed shots just an ugly offensive game. Jeffrey Williamson started going, he scored 10 points in the quarter. The Royals had their chances, but just couldn't execute. The Royals were only down 5 going into the quarter. This was another game that was winnable. Molloy earned this victory though, they went 7-7 from the line in the quarter. Christ the King lost 43-40. The Royals play again Friday night against Iona Prep. Another payback game for the Varsity B. The talent is there, is the desire there? Only the players can answer that. Iona Prep beat the Royals 56-53 at Iona Prep. I hope there's a fire in the belly come Friday night.  


1/21/18 - 06:50 PM



           Christ the King should change 
its name to General Hospital. Coach Henry needs to become Dr. Henry. The Cheerleaders could become the nurses. Instead of basketballs they need IVs. Tamiflu instead of Gatorade. Add Moses Roman to the injury listSo, for the Sunday Brunch Special against the Xaverian Clippers, the Royals were without their leading scorer, their starting backcourt, and four valuable players to their rotation. A tall order against a Xaverian team playing good basketball. The Clippers were coming off a victory against Molloy High School. The Clippers were down 10 points with 3 minutes to go in the game and came back to win the game. They were feeling good about themselves, and not much sympathy for the Royals.  
          The Royals came out of the gate pedal to the metal. Dave Lopez started the scoring with a three pointer. Dave Lopez seems to like the look of the Xaverian's uniforms. He had 7 three pointers against the Clippers in the first matchup. The basket seems to get bigger with their presence. Kelvin Reyes followed with a three. The Royals charged to an 8-1 lead, which led to a Xaverian timeout. With the score 10-3 CK, Adonis Evangelista picked up his second foul. He had to be taken out and Justo "Red Bull" Cruz was inserted. Cruz brought his intense defense and toughness. The Royals finished the 1st quarter up 15-5.  
           In the 2nd quarter, both teams struggled offensively. Adonis Evangelista sat most of the quarter. The limited roster struggled to get into a rhythm. Michael Dolphin did all the scoring for the Royals. He nailed a three pointer and added a bucket for 5 points. The Royals though continued with their high pace defense. Justo Cruz picked up 3 fouls. The Clippers were held to 6 points in the quarter. That was the saving grace for the Royals. Christ the King had a 20-11 half time lead. 
                To start the 3rd quarter, the Royals had to start thinking if they missed an opportunity not putting the Clippers away. When you hold a team to 11 first half points they shouldn't still be in the game. The Clippers had to feel lucky to have a chance. Both teams started waking up, maybe it was the 10am start. The Royals were led by Dave Lopez's two 3 pointers, Kelvin Reyes continued his impressive game with his 3rd three-pointer in the game. Adonis Evangelista added a bucket. The game stayed the same with the Royals holding a 9-point lead. Justo Cruz picked up his 5th foul, he was now out. The Clippers then hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer that made you feel the momentum had changed. CK led after 3 quarters 31-25. 
       The final quarter started and the Clippers kept the pressure on. Xaverian grabbed their first lead 32-31 at the 6:14 mark. They followed that with a three-pointer to take a 35-31 lead. Kelvin Reyes cut into that lead with his 4th 3 -pointer of the game but with CK's luck, as he landed his calf cramped up. Reyes is another on the DL, he did not return. Fabian Bryan then picked up his 5th foul, he was out. Bryan had been big on defense, rebounding and shot blocking. The options were becoming very limited. The score went back and forth. Adonis Evangelista hit a bucket to tie it at 36. Dave Lopez hit a three to give the Royals a 39-36 lead. But CK seem to run out of gas at that point. Xaverian took the lead for good with a bucket and a foul with 59 seconds left. The Clippers beat the Royals 44-39. 
      It's been a tough stretch for the Varsity B. Injuries and Illness have been a major issue. CK plays Molloy on Wednesday at home. Hopefully some familiar faces will be coming back.  The good news, Kelvin Reyes' injury doesn't seem serious. The Royals will get healthy, and it will be at the right time. But while players are out, others are getting valuable playing time. It just lengthens the roster when the team is whole. Dr. Henry can go back to being coach Henry. 


The Crusaders and the Flu take on the Royals
1/20/18 - 09:22 PM


   By Harry Powell  

   Saturday night had the Christ the King Royals against the 
Stepinac Crusaders. The Crusaders are 3rd in the league standings. The Royals have been decimated by the flu and injuries so far this season. Tonight, they would be without their starting backcourt, Jeffrey Williamson and Isaiah Rodriguez. Tristen Marcano was also out with a bad back.  Another tall order for the Royals but opportunities for some players.   
      The Crusaders immediately started a 1-2-2 press to start the first quarter. It created complete chaos for the Royals. Stepinac jumped out to a quick 9-0 lead when CK called a timeout to regroup. The Royals' troubles continued thru the first quarter. Having a hard time getting over the half court line makes it difficult to score. Stepinac took a 17-5 first quarter lead. The Royals were like a boxer taking a quick left hook to the jaw. Staggering in the ring, the coaching staff needed smelling salt to awaken the Royals. 
     In the 2nd quarter, Justo Cruz and Fabian Bryan were inserted into the game. They both helped stabilize the Royals. Justo Cruz hounded the ball on defense from end line to end line. His speed and energy were like a Red bull for the Royals. Fabian Bryan brought tough defense and rebounding. Adonis Evangelista started heating up offensively along with Michael Dolphin. Somehow the Royals were only down 26-18 at the half. 
    In the second half the Royals kept the pressure on. Cruz was like glue on the ball handler. They doubled on every player with the ball. It was relentless. Stepinac had a hard time getting a good look at the basket. CK adjusted to the Crusaders' press. It wasn't that much of a factor in the second half. Unfortunately, every chance the Royals had to cut the lead to 3 or 2 points, they always came up short. 
     In the 4th quarter CK was still in striking distance. Michael Dolphin had two 3-pointers. Adonis Evangelista saddled with 4 fouls still was a defensive presence in the middle. He was blocking shots and rebounding. Adonis was the human eraser. David Lopez started driving to the basket. Fabian Bryan kept his excellent play up. Kelvin Reyes was critical in helping break the press. Lorenzo Franklin came in and made deft like passes that led to points. In the end the Royals came up short 55-46.  Adonis Evangelista was the high scorer with 15 points. Michael Dolphin had 13. If there are moral victories there were a few. CK was almost fighting with one hand tied to its back, with integral players missing. But tonight, you might have seen Justo Cruz and Fabian Bryan show what they can bring to the team. After the 1st quarter, the Royals outscored the Crusaders 41-38. This team has dealt with so many setbacks this season. As the German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote "That which does not kill us makes us stronger". With players coming back, and bench players getting playing time in crucial moments of the game. I would say when this team is whole, the Royals could be a very unwanted opponent come playoff time. 


1/17/18 - 07:34 PM


       BY Harry Powell
Tuesday night found the Christ the King Royals playing the Molloy Lions. The game was played in Blairwood, Queens. In the gym that Jack Curran made famous. BeyoncĂ© was blasting in the gym with "Who run the world". That was a good question because Christ the King came in limping, with injuries and flu. Like the back of a milk carton, missing were Isaiah Rodriguez, David Lopez, Kelvin Reyes, Fabian Bryan, and Tristen Marcano. Five important pieces for coach Henry but Molloy had no sympathy, nor should they. This is an important league game, all hands-on deck. Tip off was at 7:15, and coach Henry with his limited bench inserted Devonte Green and Michael Dolphin this time into the starting lineup. 
        Again, Christ the King won the tip off. The Royals got off to a fast start. Adonis Evangelista started the scoring. Mike Dolphin hit a 3 to give the Royals a 5-0 lead. Somehow this M*A*S*H unit ended the 1St quarter with a 14-12 lead. Thanks largely to Adonis Evangelista (6 points) and Michael Dolphin (5 points) in the quarter.  
         When the 2nd quarter started, you just wondered how this banged up team could manage to keep it together. The cracks started to happen. Molloy upped the pressure, and the Royals were swamped. Molloy went on a 18-6 run. Coach Henry called time outs but his resources were limited. The half ended with the Lions up 36-22. The Royals are still in the game, somehow. 
         With the start of the second half, the task for the Royals was tough. The Lions started pressing, and they got results. They started on an 8-2 run, all 8 points on layups. Molloy is up 44-24. A time out was called by coach Henry, with 5:33 left in the third. Coach Henry seemed to get through to his team. The Royals got going to a degree. Jeffrey Williamson scored 7 in the quarter. Moses Roman hit two three-pointers. Adonis Evangelista continued his fine play with 5 points. Molloy led 57-42.  
     If the Royals were to come back, they needed to stop the easy baskets. Too many layups. Christ the King had their chances. At one point they could have cut the lead down with a basket to 8 points. But the Royals missed opportunities. The Molloy Lions went on to a 65-51 victory. The Royals have been ravaged by the flu and injuries. Hopefully players are coming back. The next two games are against two league rivals. Last year's league champs, Stepinac and Xavierian. Is the Cavalry coming?.  


1/13/18 - 11:10 PM


       By Harry Powell
            Saturday's match up for Christ the King was The Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School. The Royals would have their hands full against the BCAM Lions. They have a 
high-powered offense, and have scored 100 points in a game twice. Their Coach Lawanda Greene has led her team to 12-2 record. Coach Henry would be without two starters, and few key role players in this game. It's been an uneven year for Coach Henry, he hasn't had a healthy squad all year. But what's been said before is this is an opportunity for players on the bench to earn minutes.  
         This non-league game started at 6:30. Coach Henry inserted Justo Cruz and Lorenzo Franklin into the starting lineup tonight. Christ the King won the tip off but neither team scored until Adonis Evangelista hit a free throw at 6:35 mark. Both offenses struggled in the beginning. It seemed like the Royals just couldn't hit a shot. As the buzzer sounded, Lorenzo Franklin just missed a 3 pointer. In and out, but the Royals finished the 1st quarter up 9-8. 
       When the 2nd quarter started, Tristen "Chairmen of the Boards" Marcano got the Royals started with two free throws. The BCAM Lions though were just getting started. The Lions really started pushing the ball, and the Royals were late to defend. The Lions possess a lot of athleticism, and with the Royals down key players, it started working towards the Lions advantage. The Royals fought back though, Adonis Evangelista had 2 blocks, 2 steals, 5 rebounds along with 5 points in the first half. The Royals had the ball with less than 10 seconds in the half and down 25-18. Jeffrey "Jet Blue" Williamson took the ball up court. At the top of the key he made an ankle breaking move on his defender and nailed a three pointer at the buzzer. The Lions were up though, 25-21. 
          When the 2nd half started, the Royals felt good. Williamson just hit a 3 pointer to end the 1st half. The team felt like it overcame some obstacles, but were only down 25-21. Lions coach Greene unleashed her team's press on the Royals. It immediately caused chaos for the Royals. Three straight turnovers led to BCAM baskets. Coach Henry had seen enough, and called a timeout at the 5-minute mark. The Royals were down 34-25 at that point. The Lions were relentless, and the 3rd quarter ended with CK down 53-31.  
         The 4th quarter was the same theme. Lions pressing, the Royals throwing the ball away. Coach Henry tried every combination he could. Sharod Smith was brought in for rebounding. Devonte " Devo" Green was throwing his body around. Michael "Flipper" Dolphin was doing his typical yeoman's work.  All to no avail. The Lions were too athletic, the Royals too short handed. Near the end of game, Kobe "Steak" Naranjo was left open in the corner. As he received the ball, Lion's coach yelled out " He can shoot". The ball left his hand in a perfect rotation. The ball was on target it looked good, but the ball hit the rim and just rolled out. Mr. Naranjo will prevail eventually. Tonight, was a non-league game, embarrassing though when you lose 79-48. Molloy is next on the schedule, and at their gym. Tonight, the Royals took it on the chin. Every team has one of those nights. It's how you respond the next game that tells you if they have a glass chin or a granite chin. 


1/11/18 - 11:54 PM



           Christ the King had its back to the wall for tonight contest. The opponent was the Holy Cross Knights. They beat the Royals in December, 52-38. Coach Henry could not stress more to his team how important these games are becoming. The question the coaches had was does this team have the hunger? The Royals couldn't afford to fall too far behind, and players were coming back. Tristen Marcano and Jeffrey Williamson now had a game under their belt. But Moses Roman is now shelved with 
an injury. This was a moment of truth. 
       The Referees got the game started. The Royals finally won the tip off and got the game started with a 2-0 lead. Again, the Royals got off to a slow start. Coach Henry was worried that this would be a repeat of the loss at Holy Cross. Another lifeless game. Holy Cross came to play and took a 12-7 lead. Coach Henry knew the importance of this game. He urged this team to pick up the pace. 
      The Royals began to show life. Jeffrey "Jet Blue' Williamson started to get his groove back. Showing his ability before his groin injury. He scored 8 points in the 2nd quarter. Adonis Evangelista continued his strong play. He scored 6 points in the quarter. Coach Henry called to his bench, and Devonte "Devo" Green became a bully in the paint again. The Royals were down at the half, but you felt like there was life in this team. Christ the King was down 27-26 at the half. 
   The 3rd quarter began and Tristen " Chairmen of the Boards" Marcano started the scoring with a driving shot. Mr. Marcano owned the paint in the 3rd quarter. He had 4 points but his rebounding and defense was his statement in the quarter. Isaiah Rodriguez found his range, he hit on 3 three-pointers in the quarter. He had 11 points in the frame. This was the team that coach Henry envisioned. Offense from the backcourt duo of Williamson and Rodriguez. Defense, rebounding and an offensive presence from Marcano and Evangelista in the middle. Energy from the bench with 'Devo" Green and Michael "Flipper" Dolphin. The Royals launched themselves to a 47-40 lead. 
       Christ the King knew it had to put the hammer down on Holy Cross. No excuses. "Jet Blue' Williamson knew it was his time. He started going coast to coast, and Holy Cross could only foul him.Williamson was 4-4 from the line with a three pointer in the quarter, for 7 points. But when Holy Cross made a slight run. A 30 second timeout was called. Coach Henry was barking out his play when "Jet Blue" turned to his teammates and said " It's our game." He meant it and his teammates followed. David Lopez then connected on a three pointer. Marcano drove for two. The Royals went on to a 61-49 victory. Much needed.  
     Christ the King is now 3-4 in the league. BCAM is next on the schedule. A non-league game, but an opportunity for this team to keep the positive momentum. Adonis Evangelista finished the game with 10 points but keeps playing big. Tristen Marcano might have been disappointed with his minutes against St. Rays, but he didn't pout. He stepped up his game with 6 points and tons of rebounds. Rodriguez and Williamson were the "dynamic duo" in the backcourt providing 16 and 18 points. "Flipper" Dolphin and "Devo" Green bringing the energy along with David Lopez. After tonight's win you can understand why coach Henry is optimistic.  


A Bronx Fail
1/10/18 - 10:05 PM

by Harry Powell

          Tuesday night had the Royals against the Ravens of St. Raymond's High School. The game was held at 
St. Raymond's gym located in the Bronx. Christ the King came into the game losing two straight league games. But the Royals were welcoming two players back, Jeffrey Williamson and Tristen Marcano. Coach Henry was hoping the return of both players would help jump start the Royals. The referees tossed the ball in the air to start the game at 7:30.  
        The Ravens got off to a quick start. Both Williamson and Marcano showed their rust with not playing in a long time. That's to be expected. David Lopez and Isaiah Rodriguez each chipped in a three pointer. But the rest of the Royals offense was nonexistentSt. Raymond's leaped out to 19-8 first quarter lead.  
    In the second quarter, the Royals' offense picked up its pace. Adonis Evangelista got into a rhythm. He added 4 in the quarter. Jeffrey Williamson started losing his rust. Michael Dolphin came off the bench with his typical energy. But the Ravens' quickness was causing the Royals problems. St. Raymond's went into the half with a 31-22 lead. 
       Coach Henry tried to go to a smaller lineup to combat the Ravens quickness in the 3rd quarter. At times it seemed to work. Evangelista continued his offense, scoring 7 points in the quarter. It seemed every time Christ the King was about to go on a run, the Ravens had an answer. The 3rd quarter ended with the Royals still down by 9. St. Rays was up 43-34. 
       In the final quarter, Jeffrey Williamson got hot, scoring 5 points in the quarter. Michael Dolphin chipped in 4. But St. Rays pulled away, and went on to a 61-45 victory. The Royals have now lost three league games in a row. There's still time to turn this ship around. The first chance comes on Thursday Night against Holy Cross High School. It's a home game, and sometimes home cooking is the best way to cure an ill. Holy Cross beat the Royals earlier this year 52-38. Let's see how they respond. 


The Gael Winds Blew The Royals over
12/28/17 - 08:34 PM

Kelvin Reyes leading the charge

    By Harry Powell   

      Today the Royals had 
an afternoon matchup with the Iona Prep Gaels. The game was held in Tully's gym on the beautiful campus of Iona Prep. Christ the King would again be without Jeffrey Williamson and Tristen Marcano. But these are the opportunities for players to show the coaching staff what they can do. Christ the King was coming off their lackluster performance at Holy Cross. Tip-off was at noon. 
        The first quarter was sluggish, again. The Royals scored the first points of the game but not until a 1:38 into the game. Christ the King brought energy to start the game, but they couldn't get the ball to fall through the net. The basket seemed liked one of those you see at a street fair, where you shoot for prizes. The ball looked good coming out their hand, on target. The baskets weren't in the giving mood. Iona Prep limped to a 11-10 first quarter lead. 
      In the second quarter, Coach Henry called to his bench. Michael Dolphin was one of the super subs to come in. Dolphin brought his usually energy and grit, he scored 6 first half points. Kelvin Reyes, who started, had 5 first half points. Fabian Bryan brought his typical lunch pail work ethic. Mr. Bryan was tough on defense and active on the boards. Devonte Green was again a bully in the paint and his intensity was noticed by all. But the Royals were down 22-20 at the half. Going 1-6 from the foul line didn't help. 
    CK started the third quarter, and you could feel they had awoken. Adonis Evangelista's alarm clock rang, and he charged into the 3rd quarter. Mr. Evangelista channeled Karl-Anthony Towns. He was such a presence in the middle. He blocked shots, and shots that weren't blocked were altered. He posted up and scored 8 third quarter points. Evangelista's play opened up the perimeter for others, now the Gaels had to react to Adonis' presence. He led the Royals to a 40-37 third quarter lead. 
         Now the final quarter started, and the story was just starting to begin. Both teams traded baskets and the score remained were both teams were within 2 to 4 points. The Gaels then widen its lead to 6 points.  The Royals were scrappy, Isaiah Rodriguez had 6 points in the quarter. Evangelista kept up his play. The Royals fought back though, and with 57.6 seconds left, David Lopez hits a clutch three -point shot.  He cut the Gaels lead to 55-53. CK had the ball with a chance to tie, inside 20 seconds. Adonis Evangelista had the ball in the post and threw the ball to Michael Dolphin on the three- point arc. But the ball went off Dolphin's hands and out of bounds with 10.8 seconds. Gaels ball, a quick foul. Iona Prep misses two free throws. The Royals still have a chance, down by 2. Isaiah Rodriguez races up the right sideline, past the mid court lineIona Prep hounding him with pressure, the ball though goes off his leg and out of bounds. The Gaels, again inbound the ball and are fouled. Now with 3.4 seconds left, and Iona Prep on the line. The Gaels hit one of two, now Iona Prep is up 56-53. Time out called by Christ the King, and coach Henry trying to draw up a miracle. Like Christian Laettner's shot in NCAA's in 1992. The ball was inbounded to Adonis Evangelista near mid court, Adonis threw to a teammate. The ball was deflected and time ran out. The Gaels beat the Royals 56-53. Heartbreak in New Rochelle. 
        In the end, Adonis Evangelista finished with 15 points and Isaiah Rodriguez with 13. Kelvin Reyes had a season high 7 points. The bench has been a strength. Michael Dolphin had 8 points and along with Fabian Bryan seem to give everything they have on the court. Devonte Green brings a force to the paint off the bench.With Williamson and Marcano coming back, the bench will only get better. The Royals have now lost two league games in row. Coach Henry and his staff, like mad scientists in a lab are working on making this team a success. Granted two important pieces were missing in both losses, but this team has the talent to overcome both absences. The next game is against St. Raymond's, at Christ the King. The loss at Iona Prep was another learning experience for this team. Now is the time to take the lessons learned from these losses into a productive win at home on January 6th 


A Cross to Bear
12/22/17 - 04:35 PM

Wednesday night featured the Christ the King Royals against league rivals Holy Cross Knights. The game was played in Flushing Queens, where Holy Cross is located. The gym was filled with Christmas songs as the teams warmed up. The Royals were coming off a Sunday morning victory against Xavierian High School. But every league game is a battle, and though Christmas songs filled the gym Holy Cross was not in a Christmas cheer mood. The Royals would be without two starters, Jeffrey Williamson, and Tristen Marcano. The bench would need to step up. 
       At 6:30 the refs tossed the ball in the air for tip-off. Again, Christ the King got off to a sluggish start. The Royals didn't have the three- point touch like they did in Bay Ridge. The Knights played with passion compared to the Royals who seemed flat. The first quarter ended with Holy Cross up 12-8, but it easily could have been worse. 
      When the 2nd quarter started the Royals seemed to awaken. The Royals inserted Devonte Green, and the energy went up. Kelvin Reyes got hot, and scored 5 2nd quarter points. David Lopez added another three. Isaiah Rodriguez started driving to the hoop and added 4 free throws. The Royals went on a 13-0 run, and things looked bright. CK jumped out to a 21-12 lead, but Holy Cross answered and the 2nd quarter ended with Christ the King up 24-22. 
      The 3rd quarter started with the Knights going on an 8-0 run. Holy Cross seemed to be playing with a different fire, a different speed. David Lopez had 5 points and Devonte Green had 3 in the quarter. The Royals though seemed lethargic. The Royals score 10 3rd quarter points, but the Knights scored 15 and took a 37-34 lead. 
       Thdeficit looked manageable, but the Royals had no answer. Every loose ball, every 2nd chance on the boards seemed like Holy Cross got. The Royals seemed to have folded, scored only 4 points in the 4th quarter. Sometimes it's not about the talent, but who wants its more. Tonight, Holy Cross wanted it more. The Royals have a chance to digest this game, it's December. The talent is there, and the season has just started.  Iona Prep is next, the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year. Questions will be answered. 


A Battle in Bay Ridge
12/18/17 - 06:58 PM

         Sunday morning Christ the King played the Xavierian's Clippers for a brunch time special. Coach Henry knew he would be without two important pieces in today's game, Tristen Marcano and Devonte Green. Coach Henry knew someone else had to step up. The question was who would see this as an opportunity. There was no sympathy from the Xavierian's Clippers. Tip-off was at 10am, coffee and Reb Bulls were recommended. 
        The first quarter started slowly, both teams seemed to still be in their onesies, and PJs. But David Lopez showed up wide awake. Mr. Lopez was 'en fuego' , hitting on three 1st quarter 3's. Whatever David Lopez had for breakfast he should repeat on the next gameday. He helped the Royals take a 15-9 !st quarter lead with his 11 points. 
         There was something contagious in the air at Xavierian, and David Lopez might be to blame. CK hit on 8 1st half three pointers. In the 2nd quarter Moses Roman and Michael Dolphin caught the three-point virus as well. The trio's 26 points helped give the Royals a half time lead of 33-20. This was good news for coach Henry. Jeffrey Williamson gutted out the first half with 5 points, but he was hobbled with a groin injury. He would not return for the 2nd half. The 2nd half would now be more challenging without their leading scorer. 
         The 3rd quarter started and the question who would see this as an opportunity was answered. Isaiah Rodriguez came off the bench in attack mode. Isaiah started driving to the hoop with determination. Xavierian's defense had no answer to his quickness. Isaiah Rodriguez had six 3rd quarter points and along with Adonis Evangelista helped CK to a 49-38 lead. David Lopez kept his hot hand with an additional two more threes. Adonis Evangelista's presence in the middle was a nuance to the Clippers. 
         Xavierian was down in the 4th quarter, and they had to apply the pressure. They started a full court press mid 4th quarter. At first CK was baffled, their lead was cut to 6 points. Isaiah Rodriguez with Kelvin Reyes and Fabian Bryan broke down the Clipper's press. Isaiah Rodriguez drove down the lane with 4 points. Adonis Evangelista kept his presence felt with 4 points. Michael Dolphin kept his impressive play going with 4 points in the quarter. These contributions gave the Royals a 62-54 victory in Bay Ridge. This was a team effort from players who saw their chance to contribute. With three important players not available, this was an impressive win. David Lopez finished with a game high 23 points. Isaiah Rodriguez had 10 points and helped so much at the point guard position. Michael Dolphin again brought energy, toughness and 7 points off the bench. Moses Roman showed that deft touch from outside. Holy Cross is next on the schedule, and always a tough league game.  


Gaining Momentum
12/13/17 - 06:08 AM

               Christ the King played Nazareth Monday night, after coming off their heartbreaking loss to St. Raymond's on Sunday. The Nazareth Kingsmen had lost to St. Raymond's the week before, but they were definitely going to be a handful for the Royals with their size and athleticism. It was the Royals' second league game, and coach Henry couldn't had been more adamant during the week in practice about the importance of getting off to a good start. Tip off was at 7:45 at CK's home court.

             The first quarter started slowly. Nazareth was hurt when their starting center got into early foul trouble. Tristen Marcano took advantage of that, by grabbing 6 first quarters rebounds. Mercano was like Truck Robinson back in the day. Tristan established himself as a force to be reckon with in the paint. Marcano's presence would be felt all night. The Royals limped to a 12 - 5 first quarter lead.

          One thing that’s starting to be clear is Jeffrey "JetBlue" Williamson is always on schedule for takeoff. Tonight's schedule was the 2nd quarter. Williamson helped Christ the King widen its lead with 12 second quarter points. "JetBlue" hit 2 threes and was doing his typical coast to coast driving and scoring. Williamson scored all but 2 of the Royals 14 second quarter points. The Royals had a halftime lead of 26 - 17


 As the second half started, Michael Dolphin has established himself as a valuable piece off the bench. Like John Havlicek made the "6th man" role chic with the Celtics, Dolphin brings instant energy off the bench grabbing rebounds, and handing out assist. He had 3 rebound s and 2 assists in the quarter and finished with 6 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. He has earned coach Henry's confidence. The air traffic controllers again notified "JetBlue" Williamson for takeoff. This time "JetBlue" scored all 11 points for the Royal s in the quarter. The Royals clamped down on defense too, holding the Kingsmen to 6 third quarter points. Christ the King led after three quarters, 37 - 23.

            The 4 th quarter started and the Royals held on their lead with the help of Williamson and Dolphin. They scored 8 points between them in the quarter. With a comfortable lead, coach Henry looked down the bench and saw Kobe Naranjo on the bench. Kobe Naranjo has been a valuable member of the Varsity B for now his second year. Kobe practices hard, and understands the word 'teammate'. With the crowd chanting his name for a quarter, Henry called his number. Kobe took a baseline jumper, looked good coming out of his hand. Just off the mark. Kobe then drove to hoop, and made a deft like pass to Adonis Evangelista, but Evangelista couldn't finish thanks to the Kingsman tough D. The Royals won the game 45 - 37 against an athletic Nazareth team. Tristen Marcano was a beast on the boards with his 13 rebounds. The journey of the Royals has just begun in the 2017 - 18 season. Coach Henry and his staff feel good about the balance juniors and seniors. Xavierian is next on the calendar on Sunday morning.   


The Dawn of a New Season
12/3/17 - 08:09 AM

     Tonight, was the dawn of the 2017 - 18 Christ The King Varsity B season. With the additions of many juniors from last year's JV City Champions, you can understand why coach Henry is excited about this year's roster. The opponent was Grover Cleveland HS, and last year's results weren't good. Grover Cleveland beat the Royals in a double - digit route. So tonight, would be a good test for this new squad. 68 - 02 Metropolitan avenue was the location.

       The first quarter, the Royals started in a sluggish way. It was the dawn of the season, so maybe the players were still waking up. The Royals were without starting center Adonis Evangelista at tip off, due to academic commitments. Grover Cleveland broke out to a 14 - 8 first quarter lead, thanks largely to them hitting three 3's, and King's lethargic play. coach Henry quickly made players substitutions looking for the right mix. Moses Roman entered and instantly added energy. Moses added 3 points in the 1 st quarter along with Jeffrey Williamson's 5 points, the duo gave the Royals all their 1 st quarter offense.

         The second quarter started, and slowing you could tell the Royals were waking up. Thanks largely to Jeffrey Williamson. Williamson's nickname should be "JetBlue", because he goes coast to coast. Jeffrey was going baseline to baseline with determination, and scored 8 second quarter points. Devonte Green also entered the game, and provided a much - needed presence in the paint. He had 3 rebounds but that doesn' t reveal the energy he brought along with Michael Dolphin. Michael had a three pointer, 3 rebounds, and a lot of bumps and bruises for his effort. The Royals were down 23 - 20 at the half.

The 2 nd Half started, and Adonis Evangelista was available to coach Henry. Grover Cleveland quickly took a 33 - 22 lead. Coach Henry called a time out, and like he flipped a switch. CK went on a 17 - 6 run. Like Moses came down Mount Sinai with two tablets, the Ten Commandments. This Moses, Moses Roman came off the bench with offense. Roman scored 10 third quarter points, Jeffrey Williamson continuing his coast to coast flights added 7 points, and Devonte Green hauled in an additional 3 rebounds and 3 assists. The Royals grabbed their first lead. After three quarters , the Royals were finally up 39 - 38.

       The 4 th quarter started and the intensity picked up. Both teams wanted this game. With a 1:33 left in the game Cleveland tied the score, 47 - 47. Both teams were futile in their next possessions. But the Royals had the ball with 24 seconds, and with time winding down Moses Roman was found open in the left corner. The ball left his hand, and you just knew it was his night. The ball touched nothing but net or "swoosh" CK is up 50 - 47, with 10.1 seconds left. Grover Cleveland made an attempt but came up empty. Hail to the victors! Christ the King gets its first victory, against a hard - fought Grover Cleveland opponent.

        This year's squad is intriguing, a lot of guys are used to winning. Tonight, Moses Roman (20 points,8 rebounds) and Jeffery Williamson (22 points, 6 assists) were the stars. I can see though players like Isiah Rodriguez, Tristian Mercado, Dave Lopez, Kelvin Reyes or Fabian Bryan to name a few being the star of the next game. The coaching staff is thrilled that Kelsey Constantine has come back to do the scoring book. She has been such a big asset to our team. I know coach Henry and the rest of the staff is looking forward to this year's team. The end result could be exciting.