2/11/17 - 10:57 AM

          Tonight Christ the King played Iona Prep in the first round of the playoffs. Iona Prep has beaten the Royals in their two previous matchups. Beating a team three times in a season is a tall order. Could the Royals foil the Gaels attempt at three in a row? 

           At tip off, the battle began for the Royals. Both teams seemed tight, going back and forth. Adonis Evangelista found his range early, scoring 6 points. Iona Prep had the lead after the 1st quarter with a score of 14-12. 

        The second quarter was more of the same -- both teams struggling to grab hold of the game. Somehow the Royals were able to take a halftime lead of 22-20. Despite a half burden with turnovers, and sloppy play. 

         The Royals had to feel optimistic about the 2nd Half. They didn't play well, but still had a two point advantage.  You could just feel it wasn't the Royals night. Felipe Lopez who has had a terrific year, was in early foul trouble. Lopez then had a hard time finding his rhythm. Erich Naumann had hurt his shoulder earlier in the week. Naumann was fantastic on the boards, but couldn't get his usually streak going. Justin Terry who has been the 'JT Express', couldn't get his groove. Because of that Iona Prep finished strong in the 3rd, leading 36-30. 

       The final quarter was the Royals last chance. But Christ the King didn't have an answer for the Gaels. The Royals just couldn't get a clear shot, much to the credit to Iona Prep's tight defense. If CK did get a shot off, It was in and out. Iona Prep out scored the Royals 36-18 in the second half. The Gaels going on to 56-40 victory, and advancing to the next round of the playoffs. 

        Tonight marked the end of 5 senior players' careers at Christ the King. Felipe 'Sugar Free' Lopez played two years on the Varsity B. Last year he was part of a championship team. This year 'Sugar Free' made his mark. Becoming a offensive weapon with his three point range and flaunting his athleticism. Felipe's mom has been a big part of the Varsity B family. I can still see her passion out of the corner of my eye, every time Felipe scored. When you meet her, you understand why Felipe is off to bigger and better things. Every game!  

      Erich Naumann was also a second year Varsity B player. Naumann, like Lopez, was part of the Varsity B championship last year. Naumann's game this year went to the next level. Be it dead eye three point shooting, rebounding or assists. Naumann's game was complete. Erich is also a member of the CK choir and a member of the National Honor Society.  Erich brought 3 generations to every game. That includes his father, who played on the Varsity A at CK, and his younger brother, Nick, a current member of the freshman team at CK. Three generations, Grandma, Mom, Dad, and his younger brother. Very cool. Every game! 

       Justin Terry, or the ' JT Express.' Mr. Terry started his first year on Varsity B on the bench. But Justin might have been the main reason the Royals turned their season around. He flourished at the point. But basketball is Justin's second sport, Mr. Terry is off to a exciting career as a student and football career at Monmouth University. Success is undeniable for Mr.Terry. Before every game Justin's father would haul a cooler with water and gatorade for the team. Or maybe he would offer to buy lunch for the team.His mom and dad passionately supported the Royals. Every game! 

     Jonathan Coste was a wild card. The coaches didn't know what he would bring. Mr.Coste didn't disappoint. Jonathan became a force inside with his rebounding. Jonathan is off to Delaware State as a defensive end. Jonathan is a product of the great football program at CK. Mr. Coste has a bright future. 

    Lastly we have Josiah Williams. Mr. Williams is also a product of CK football.The coaching staff marveled at the energy and dedication that Josiah brought to every practice. With that work ethic, Josiah Williams will thrive. 

        This was not the ending that Coach Henry wanted. But Coach Henry and his staff look forward to the 2017-18 season. With this year's juniors and the incoming sophomores, next year will be a banner year. The coaching staff would like to thank the families again. As Sister Sledge once sang " we are family,…." And we are CK family. 


2/6/17 - 08:58 PM

             This morning was a gut check moment for Christ the King. The Royals were coming off an emotional loss at Iona Prep the night before. Despite all that, the task ahead was Bishop Loughlin. Bishop Loughlin -- a talented team -- locked up the number two seed in the league. That's a tall order for a team playing its 3rd game in three nights. But there's no sympathy for the weary. Tip off was at 9:30 am, and you could understand how lethargic the Royals felt. Because I felt like I had a 50lb anvil attached to me too. 

          As the first quarter started, the pace was caffeine spiked. Both teams were gazelle like. Back and forth, back and forth.  Loughlin was on fire from the 3 point line, hitting on 4. The Royals kept pace though, thanks in part to Erich Naumann's 8 points in the 1st quarter. 

         In the 2nd quarter, a call was made by Coach Henry. Jonathan Coste was inserted into the game. Coste is like a world war 2 Sherman tank. He made his presence felt with 6 rebounds and 8 points in the first half. Both Coste and Naumann kept CK in the game. At the half the score was 40-32. 

          When the 3rd quarter started, the Royals knew their backs were to the wall. Christ the King answered the call. The Royals probably played their best quarter of the year, led by Felipe 'sugar free' Lopez. He may be 'sugar free' but he was sweet in the 3rd quarter, scoring 9 points and Coste bullied his way to 4 points.  The Royals you could see started to feel their groove.The energy level went to the next level. But the fouls started to cumulate with Coste and Terry. Another call to the bench, Fabian 'The Gentleman' Bryan. He came off the bench and added energy with 6 2nd half points. 

           Now the 4th quarter started and CK is coming off a very energizing quarter. Leading now at 57-52 but Loughlin won't be denied. Early in the 4th Quarter Justin Terry got his 4th foul. This put the Royals on their heels and Loughlin took advantage. Loughlin goes on a 14 –3 run and takes a 67-65 lead. At the 2:12 mark, Terry fouled out and in addition Coste fouls out. Two main ingredients to Coach Henry's team.  Fred Patrice was inserted into the point guard  position. With 1:28 left, Lopez gets fouled. He hits one of two foul shots. The score is now 73-71. After a Loughlin miss, and a clutch rebound by Naumann, the Royals go down court and Adonis 'The Preacher' Evangelista gets fouled, he hits 1 of 2, 73-72 Loughlin. Loughlin scores and the scoreboard reads 75-72. It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t feel good after the night before. It would have been easy for the Royals to just fold their tent and go home. But with a 1:02 left, Patrice took over, and Loughlin had no answer to his moves. Patrice gets fouled, and hits one of two. Loughlin is 75-73 , with the ball, and running the clock down. In the left hand corner, a Loughlin player attempts a three pointer. 'Sugar Free' Lopez said "not today." Lopez strips the ball, collects the ball. Lopez flew down the sideline with determination, he would not be denied. He drove to the hoop and scored 75-75. Loughlin had the ball made two attempts, but it was overtime for these two teams, 75-75. 

         In overtime, the Royals had a air of confidence. Fred Patrice was driving at well. Getting fouled every time. Evangelista had 4 huge points in the extra quarter. Naumann had a clutch jumper from the corner. But at the end , Patrice drove to the basket and was fouled. Patrice calmly hits two free throws giving the Royals the lead. After a Loughlin miss fire, CK went on to a 85-83 victory. The Loughlin gym fell deafeningly silent. CK never wins this game without the contributions of Patrice and Bryan. The Royals proved they could take a licking and keep on ticking. Christ the King's playoff picture now has the Royals playing at Iona Prep on Wednesday. Kind of fitting after Saturday night's loss, Iona prep has beaten CK twice this season, but beating a team 3 times in a season is tough.I know the Varsity B's faithful families will be there. I also know I'm not ready for this journey to a possible championship to be over.  

CK lets go for two in row. It will be some party.  



Heartbreak in New Rochelle
2/4/17 - 10:45 PM

         There's a old joke 'what do you get when you play Country music backwards?....you get back your wife, your dog, and your truck'. Well I think if Christ the King could play this game back, they would take a few foul shots, a controversial non call , and a few loose balls back. Tonight was a emotional roller coaster of a game......again. Tonight was a important game with playoff ramifications.The Royals would have to go into tonight missing key pieces in Tristan Mercano,  Fred Patrice, and Malcolm Combs but that’s opportunity for others. 

         The first quarter started with instant intensity. This was a game that both teams wanted and needed.The 1st quarter ended with Iona Prep up 16-15, but one of Iona's top players got into immediate foul trouble. This put him on the bench for the rest of the 1st half. This was a opportunity for CK to take advantage of his absence. The Royals scoring was very balanced in the first half. Jonathan Coste came off the bench early. Coste was like a bull in a china shop. Using his strength that got him a scholarship to Delaware State as a defensive lineman. He had 7 points and 6 rebounds in the first half. Justin Terry had 5 points with 5 rebounds, and 5 assists. Erich Naumann led CK with 10 points, and Felipe 'sugar free' Lopez had 5 points despite suffocating defense on him. But if CK could play another record backwards, it would be this missed opportunity to take advantage of Iona Prep not having a top player on the court. Iona hit three 3's in the 2nd frame to keep CK's lead manageable. The Royals led at the half 33-27.  

           As the 2nd half started , and the ruckus crowd of 32 settled into their seats.Like a heavyweight brawl, both teams traded blows.Iona Prep just wouldn't go away. They just seemed to get every loose ball, another song that CK might want to play backwards.Slowly Iona Prep started chipping away, as the 3rd quarter ended. The score was 44-41 after 3 quarters. 

          The 4th started, with much of the same. Both teams desperately trying to take hold of the game.CK was able to keep pace thanks to Michael 'Flipper' Dolphin. He had 7 rebounds and 2 points in the 2nd half. With 1:38 left in the game, Iona prep took the lead 54-52. The noise of the home crowd was deafening. They sensed victory, but the Royals charged back. 'Pokemon' Naumann hit a 3 with a 1:23 left, Royals up 55-54. Iona Prep was fouled with a 1:01, but they missed both free throws. On the rebound, both teams grabbed the ball. Jump ball, and Iona Prep's ball.With 52.9 another foul, one and one. Iona prep misses again, but with 43 seconds get another put back on a rebound. Iona up 56-55. Royals have the ball and Naumann gets fouled and coolly hits two free throws. Royals up 57-56. On the next possession , Iona Prep misses. The Royals come down and on a offensive rebound Naumann gets fouled.The first shot literally goes half way down then rolls out., but Erich hits the second., CK now leads 58-56. 

       Now the controversy, Iona Prep brings the ball up with a 11.1 seconds. A Iona Prep player crosses the half court line. In his haste , he passes the ball back to a teammate, who is about 3-4 feet behind the half court line. Violation, right? Not tonight, a missed call. Iona Prep kept running their offense and with 2.2 second hit a clutch 3 pointer.The Royals drew up a 'Hail Mary' play, but fell short. Tonight was not in the cards for CK, a 59-58 loss. 

     All is not lost though, the Royals still control their playoff map.The Royals play Bishop Loughlin tomorrow. With a win tomorrow, CK will clinch the 3rd seed in the playoffs. That would guaranteed at least one more home game for the Varsity B faithful.The Royals need to turn the page, and concentrate on 'the Breakfast Special' tomorrow. A  9:30am game at Loughlin, which is no easy task. Hopefully Super Bowl Sunday is a super CK day. 






Last Night Was No Joke
2/4/17 - 11:28 AM

         Tonight was 'Senior Night" at Christ the King. The Royals celebrated Erich Naumann, Felipe Lopez, Justin Terry, Jonathan Coste, and Josiah Williams. Justin Terry and Jonathan Coste will be going on to play Division 1 football next fall. The Royals played last year's opponent in the Championship, the St.Raymond's Ravens. The Royals and Ravens are always a tough battle. 

         Adonis Evangelista started the first quarter on fire. He hit his first 3 shots. Erich 'Pokemon' Naumann found his groove early, hitting his first two 3's. From the look of things the Royals looked to be on their way to a easy victory. Christ the King finished the 1st with a 18-8 lead. 

         In the 2nd quarter, the offense didn't look as crisp as it did to start the game. The turnovers started to be a issue, and the rhythm seemed off. Still the Royals were able to maintain the lead 28-15. Thanks in large to 'sugar free' Lopez's 5 points in the quarter, and Naumann's 6 first half rebounds. The Royals still seemed to have the game under control. 

        The 2nd half proved to be a whole new story. In the 3rd quarter, the Royals let the Ravens hang around and that always haunts you in basketball.Christ the King still finished with a 38-31 lead. But the crowd of 23 people could sense the momentum had changed. 

          With the Ravens now having the momentum, they stormed back. At the 4:20 mark , St.Raymonds came flying back to take a 42-40 lead. But the Royals answered immediately , Erich Naumann got fouled behind the 3 point line. He calmly nailed all three free throws, Royals up 43-42. St.Raymonds would not be denied, they followed with a basket. Ravens now lead ,44-43. Time to call on the 'JT Express' , he drove for 2, putting CK back up. The Ravens seemed determined to rain on the Royals special night. They hit another bucket, Ravens up 46-45. All aboard!, the 'JT Express' streaks down for 2 more, Royals back up. Could the Royals lose on 'Senior Night'? The Ravens score again, now up 48-47. Christ the King, has the crowd on pins and needles. Michael Dolphin had a big put back, now 49-48.The Royals get the ball back with a 1:38 and answer with a baseline jumper by Naumann to give CK breathing room 51-48. Terry clinched the game with another lightning quick move to widen the gap to 53-48. CK goes on to a 57-50 win. 

        It was another gut wrenching win for Christ the King on 'Senior Night'. Terry was the high scorer with 17 points and 5 assists, Naumann had 15 points. Felipe Lopez had 10 points .It was great for the parents to come celebrate their kids who are seniors tonight. I'd like to give a salute to a member of the Christ the King Varsity B family , Kelsey. She has kept the home scorebook for two years, and has done a wonderful job. Tonight would have been a bad joke to lose on a big night. Speaking of bad jokes " A man is standing in front of an alligator, he has a hammer in his hand,…..........." 


Groundhog Day
2/2/17 - 11:06 PM


         On the night before " Groundhog Day" , the Royals played the Xavierian Clippers. Christ the King was hoping to avoid another nail biter . Like the movie " Groundhog Day", at some points  the game felt like January 22nd. 

      The Royals started off strong, thanks to Felipe Sugar Free Lopez. He hit two 3 pointers, and had 10 points in the opening quarter. The Royals lead 19-11, which increased the lead. Justin Terry contributed 12 points and 4 assists in the first half. The " Dynamic Duo" were well on their way. But sometimes even "Bat man and Robin" need help and a co-captain was there to help. Eric Naumann did all the little things  right tonight. With Lopez and Terry lighting it up in the first half, Naumann had a team leading 6 rebounds and 5 assists in the first half along with his 9 points.  

        The Royals were up at half 39-24, and feeling confident. But Xavierian was scrappy. The Clippers hustled, got every rebound, every loose ball. Xavierian clawed its way back. ,It was beginning to feel like "Groundhog Day"? 

       In the 3rd quarter the Royals had to fight to keep the lead but the Clippers were relentless with 3 pointers . Christ the King never lost its cool though Xavierian cut the lead to 1. Thanks to Felipe Lopez's two 3-s pointers, the Royals were able to maintain a 1 point advantage going into the 4th. 

         With the start of the 4th quarter, the Royals went on the attack. Justin Terry was unstoppable, driving to the basket with his speed. Terry had 7 4th -quarter points. Off the bench , Tristan Mercano brought energy to the backboard. Mercano had 5 points and 3 rebounds in the final quarter. That was enough to give Christ the King a solid win on the road. 

        Coach Henry's squad have now won 7 out of 8 games. This weekend , starting on Friday they play St.Raymonds, Iona Prep on the road  on Saturday and Bishop Loughlin on Sunday. These three games will give the Royals their map to the playoffs. The Wednesday night victory propelled the Royals into the weekend with optimism. Felipe Lopez continued to show his touch with a team leading 22 points. Justin Terry has led with his unselfishness , again with 12 assist and 19 points. Eric Naumann fills every stat category, with 14 points , 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Jonathan Coste pushed his weight around with 8 rebounds off the bench, and 6 points. And Tristan Mercano , there with another strong night, with 5 points and 4 rebounds.  

          The season is winding down and there a  buzz around Christ the King  Maybe the Groundhog did see his shadow. But the Royal's season is far from over. It may not be the traditional 6 more weeks  but it looks like it could happen.  


Plop , Plop, Fizz, Fizz, oh what a relief it is
1/27/17 - 08:02 PM

          If you decide to watch a Christ the King Varsity B basketball game, 9 out of 10  doctors might recommend you take Mylanta or Tums. If you can handle and enjoy the Cyclone in Coney Island, I recommend you attend a game. Like Sunday's victory against Xavierian, this was another manicurist's nightmare --a real nail biter. 

     Thursday night the Royals played Grand Street Campus, a non league game. The Wolves opened the 1st quarter, hitting on 5 threes, and playing with energy. The Royals were caught on their heels a bit, maybe the residue and hangover of Sunday's exciting victory. The Wolves jumped out to 26-14 in the first quarter and you could  tell this game was going to be a tall order.The Royals were facing a team that was going to pressure them all night. Like a heavyweight boxing match, Grand Street Campus came out swinging. 

        In the 2nd quarter Christ the King was able to keep pace with the Wolves. Thanks to Tristan Mercano and Jonathan Coste coming off the bench and bringing energy. Mercano scored 4 points and 3 rebounds in the quarter. Their play started a spark. At the half, the Royals were down 35-29, after being behind by double digits most of the half.  

       In the locker room at the half, Coach Henry challenged his team. He asked if they were tough enough to battle through an off night, if they were tough enough to battle a tough hungry opponent. In the 3rd quarter it was much of the same. Like the first quarter, the turnovers were still a burden. But slowly you could feel the Royals awakening. After the 3rd quarter it was still a six point deficit, 45-39.   

     As the final quarter began the Wolves aggressive defense started to get them in foul trouble. To their credit the Royals also adjusted to the Wolves' suffocating defense. At 4:13, the Royals finally took the lead. Tristan Mercano hit two clutch free throws, giving the Royals a 50-49 lead. Both teams battled in the pursuing 3 minutes but with 1:13 left, Grand Street Campus hit a clutch 3 giving the Wolves a 54-53 lead. 

       This is the "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz oh what a relief it is" moment. With 52.3 seconds, Coach Henry calls a timeout, and draws up a play. Felipe Lopez was able to get fouled with 40.8 seconds. With ice cold water running through his veins, Lopez calmly hits 2 free throws, putting the Royals ahead 55-54. Then it's Wolves ball, do you need more Mylanta before I continue? Wolves bring the ball up, move the ball around. 25 seconds, Wolves have been successful from three point lead, pass the Tums please! 

Down to 12 seconds but a ensuing drive leads to a turnover. Royals ball, with 7.9 seconds. CK inbounds the ball to Lopez and is fouled with 5 seconds, and hits 1 of 2 , 56-54 Royals. The Wolves inbound the ball, a half court heave looking dangerously on target from the bench.....Pepcid moment?... but the ball falls short. Ahhhhhh, breathe. 

           Tonight again showed a growing confidence that’s brewing on Coach Henry's team. It was truly a team effort. The Royals answered Coach Henry's halftime questions, tonight they said we can fight. The Royals had many contributors tonight, Erich Naumann with 9 points and a game leading 7 rebounds. Justin Terry led with 12 points and 9 assists Adonis Evangelista and Jonathan Coste filling the middle with 10 and 7 points, and a combined 8 rebounds. Nice win by the Royals tonight, with a break until Tuesday.  

Iona Prep is the next opponent, seeking revenge for a 43-36 loss in mid December. This team is starting to look like a team looking for a real test -- well show me what you got on Tuesday....CK!..........Stay tuned 


Oh what a Sunday Morning
1/22/17 - 03:55 PM

             Christ the King was down 64-63. Xaverian had the ball, and was moving the ball up court. The clock was ticking away -- 17 seconds --16 seconds -- and out of nowhere Fred Patrice, who had just entered the game steals the ball with 14 seconds left. The Royals call timeout with 12.6 seconds left in the game. Patrice's steal gives the Royals a chance to win this nail biting contest. The Royals will inbound the ball from half court. Michael Dolphin throws the ball in to Justin Terry. The clock is ticking -- 11 seconds -- 10 seconds. 

           The Xaverian Clippers came to Christ the King for a brunch special. The Clippers came into the game with 1 league win, but they gave the Royals all that they had today. From the start of the game, it felt like a slugfest. The Clippers were on target from the 3 point line today hitting on 11. 

The score was tied after the 1st quarter, 15-15. The Royals got into a rhythm in the 2nd quarter, and took a 33-24 halftime lead. I think most of the crowd at Christ the King assumed it would be smooth sailing after the 1st half. There was one problem, no one told Xaverian. They played hustling defense and the basket looked like the Atlantic Ocean to the them, they didn't seem to miss a shot. Xaverian closed the gap to 3 points after 3 quarters, to 47-44. The Royals were able to hold off the Clippers from taking the lead, thanks to Justin Terry's 7 points and Erich Naumann's 6 points in the 3rd quarter.  

The 4th quarter started and Xaverian kept the pedal to the metal. The Clippers tied it 47-47 with 6:21 seconds left, From there it was a seesaw battle. After the 6:21 mark, no team went ahead more than 3 points. Both teams trading baskets, both teams desperately going after every rebounds, both teams leaving everything they had on the court. 

               9 seconds -- 8 seconds -- Justin Terry dribbling to the left finds Erich Naumann on the left baseline. 7 seconds -- 6 seconds -- you could feel parents holding their breath. Naumann drove toward the basket, 5 seconds -- 4 seconds and as the ball leaves his hand it felt like slow motion. 3 seconds -- then we saw the ball gently fall through the net. Exhale! Christ the King is up 65-64, but still a 2 seconds left on the clock. With Xaverian hitting 3 pointers, no sure thing. But Xaverian turned it over at half court. Phew! This was a tough victory against a tough opponent today, but the Varsity B passed the test with flying colors. 

             There were many contributions today. Jonathan Coste clogged the middle with 6 rebounds, 3 points and 3 blocks. Felipe Lopez continuing his sharp shooting, hitting five 3 pointers for 15 points. Fabien Bryan came off the bench and made 7 points and 3 rebounds. Justin Terry was equally impressive dishing and swishing with his 10 points and 14 assists. Michael Dolphin doing the yeoman's work with 7 points and 6 rebounds. But then we have Erich Naumann, 19 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists and the game winner.  

A great job by a Royals team that has now won 5 out of 6 games. Next up for the Varsity B is Grand Street Campus, a non league game. Grand Street  is always a tough matchup. I have a suggestion, if you want to see a team that is starting to come together, if you want to see  a team that thinks they have a chance ... come by Thursday night.You won't be disappointed. Stay tuned! 



Back on Track
1/21/17 - 08:58 AM

       Friday night was a rematch of last year's championship game, featuring the St.Raymond Ravens and the Christ the King Royals.The Royals still had the bitter taste of Wednesday loss, and were eager for the sweet taste of victory again. Coach Henry's squad was whole again with the return of Adonis Evangelista and Tristan Mercano, and their return was felt. 

         Christ the King was focused early, jumping out to a 21-13 1st quarter lead. Thanks in large to the " Dynamic Duo" , the backcourt that seems to be clicking. Felipe Lopez with 10 points and Justin Terry with 6 points in the opening quarter. In the 2nd quarter, Erich Naumann started to heat up with two 3's, but that was just the beginning of Erich's impressive night. The Royals went to halftime with a 34-25 lead.In the 2nd half, Christ the King broke the game open. Erich Naumann is either hitting 3's or driving with authority, Adonis Evangelista showed his presence inside with 10 2nd half points and 12 overall. Felipe Lopez had 7 2nd half points. 

        Tonight the Royals responded to Wednesday loss in a impressive way. Felipe Lopez had a team high 20, and has really taken his game to the next level. Erich Naumann finished with 19, he has shown a offensive arsenal along with a 3 point shot with deadly accuracy. Adonis Evangelista is showing he can be a force defensively and offensively. Justin Terry is proving why he'll be a running back at a division 1 school with his leadership, and the way he weaves in and out of defenses, I get dizzy watching. 

   Tonight's win was great , because players like Vincenzo Ljuba, who had 2 points. Sharod Smith, and Josiah Williams, guys who bust their tail in practice. Who patiently wait for their number to be called, were a part of this victory. Good job Royals. Xaverian at home on Sunday, anybody who wants to see a team on the rise? See you at Christ the King at 10am. Stay tuned! 


A Bump in the Road
1/19/17 - 07:12 AM

  It was a bump in the road for the Royals tonight. Traveling to Stepinac, who is leading the league, after a big overtime win the night before, Coach Henry knew his team was going to have a tough fight ahead of them. Without Adonis Evangelista and Tristan Mercano, their absence was felt. 

     Stepinac jumped out to a 10 point halftime lead. Stepinac with their 3 point shooting, and rebounding felt comfortable going into the 2nd half. But Justin Terry with 8 points and Felipe Lopez with 9 points in the 3rd quarter, the Royals entered the 4th quarter down 39-38. Unfortunately the Royals tank ran empty in the 4th. Stepinac outscored Christ the King in the 4th 17-7.  

    Christ the King came up short tonight, losing 56-45, partly because it was short handed. There comes a time though when a team reaches a fork in the road. Who are they as a team? Can they take the next step? These questions hopefully will be answered in the coming weeks with St.Raymonds on Friday and Xaverian on Sunday. There were positive moments, Erich Naumann was again deadly from the 3 point arc with 5 , and 15 points. Felipe Lopez continued  with his torrid streak with a team high 17 points. 

    Winning a championship isn't easy, and sometimes it's the small things. Who gets the loose ball? Who wants that rebound more? A commitment on defense. Varsity B has showed these qualities, and I feel confident this team will get back on track. I'll say again, Stay tuned. It will be interesting.  


Next Man Up
1/17/17 - 11:19 PM

Tonight started with news that 3 players would be unable to play-Adonis Evangelista, Tristan Mercano, and Angelo Ranieri, all valuable players.Tonight's opponent, was BCAM High School, a very talented team. But there's a saying in sports, " next man up," and tonight the Royals heeded that call. 

    Next man up, starting forward, Erich Naumann, played with grit and tenacity, He showed a deft touch from the 3 point line. Knocking down 5 three pointers, along with his 20 points. In addition Erich had 8 rebounds. 

   Next man up, Michael Dolphin. Dolphin still feeling the effects of the flu that has riddle the team , had 8 points and 8 rebounds. 

   Next man up, Felipe Lopez, has found his groove, hitting on 13 points. 

   Next man up, Justin Terry, didn’t have his shot tonight. But Terry didn't hang his head, played great defense and was able to dish out 8 assists. 

   Next man up, Fabien Bryan, hustles in practice and has patiently waited for his number to be called.Tonight the call came, and he answered. Fabien had 11 points, which includes 2 clutch free throws to put the game into overtime with 29 seconds left. Bryan aslo had 2 free throws in overtime that help seal the victory  

   Next man up, Kelvin Reyes. He had 4 points , and 2 rebounds . 

   The Royals won tonight in overtime 59-57 in a game  in which they could have folded. They lost a big lead, fell behind, missed key players, but they refused to lose. Maybe Chef Henry, whoops again, I mean Coach Henry is starting to find the recipe that makes this team successful.  

Stay tuned. 



The Dynamic Duo
1/15/17 - 09:11 PM

  Tonight the Royals faced off against Molloy High School, a long rival and always a tough matchup. To make matters worse, Christ the King would go to battle with two starters ridden with the flu. But tonight the call was answered by a new dynamic duo. You might think of Batman and Robin, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Frazier and Monroe, maybe even Peaches and Herb, but the Royals have Felipe Lopez and Justin Terry. The backcourt has been in sync of late. Senior Felipe Lopez has found his touch, dropping 18 points tonight, after scoring 24 on Friday against Nazereth. Lopez also secured two big rebounds in the final 2 minutes. At point guard, Justin Terry, or the "JT Express" and he ain't going local, had 15 points , 6 assists , and 3 steals. Terry has really excelled at the point with his blazing speed, and has become the general to run Coach Henry's offense. 

                   With two starters down, others had to step up. Erich Naumann was solid as always chipping in 11 points and 5 assists. Tristan Mercano and Fabien Bryan were called upon with Adonis Evangelista and Michael Dolphin crippled with illness, and they responded. Mercano had 8 rebounds and Bryan had 5 rebounds and both played solid on defense. The Royals won tonight 56-45, and now have a league record of 5-4. Tonight was a great test against a good opponent, and the Royals answered the call. So the Royals next game will be "the same bat channel, same bat time" and hopefully the dynamic duo will help lead the Royals to their next win. Stay posted! 



Congratulations Coach Henry
1/15/17 - 12:38 PM

 Friday night Christ the King's varsity B beat Nazareth High School 64-49, but it wasn't a ordinary victory. On the court, Christ the Kings' backcourt was impressive. Led by Felipe Lopez's 24 points, and Justin Terry's 15 assists, Nazareth made a run in the second half but Christ the King had its most consistent offensive game, holding off Nazareth so Christ the King could even its league record to 4-4.    

          It wasn't an ordinary victory though, it was a landmark for a coach who has dedicated himself to youth basketball. Last night marked coach Reggie Henry's 100 victory at Christ the King, which also includes 3 city championships. Coach Henry played Varsity A at Christ the King and proudly was part of the first of many City Championships at King in 1984. Henry played college basketball at Hunter and had a impressive career with 1021 points, holds 2 school records in free throw shooting, and is the all time leader in 3 point shooting percentage.  With his leadership, he was named a Co-Captain. He later became an assistant coach at Hunter, where he coached for 6 years.   

                They say you can't go home again, but Coach Henry did, back to coach the Varsity B since 2010-2011 season.Last season's championship was his 3rd, and this season with virtually a whole new squad has had its roller coaster moments. But coach Henry, like a great chef, adjusting a recipe, has slowly started to get a feel of this year's team. After night's like Friday, you get the feeling that chef, whoops I mean coach Henry has something cooking in the kitchen, and it smells good!